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Colonic Hydrotherapies
Restore, Discover & Relax

At The IVitamin Clinic, we understand the vital role that a healthy colon plays in maintaining overall health and vitality.

Colonic Hydrotherapy

Treatment Summary


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90 mins


15 mins


Detoxifies the body

What is Colonic Hydrotherapy?

Colonic hydrotherapy (Colonic Irrigation), is a safe and effective method designed to flush out accumulated waste from the colon. Using purified, body temperature water and repeated gentle flushing using warm water, a small tube is inserted into the rectum to gently remove unwanted build-up of toxins.

Specialised massage techniques are used on the abdominal area to stimulate the release of toxic waste.

This process not only aids detoxification of the body but also exercises and tones the bowel, improving motility, hydration, functionality and health.

At IVitaminClinic, we understand the vital role that a healthy colon plays in maintaining overall health and vitality.

The Benefits

  • Detoxification: rid your body of accumulated waste and toxins, promoting a cleaner, healthier internal environment.

  • Improved digestive function: colonic hydrotherapy can help to alleviate symptoms of constipation, bloating, and gas by promoting regular bowel movements and improving colon function.

  • Enhanced nutrient absorption: by removing built-up waste from the colon, colonic hydrotherapy can improve nutrient absorption, allowing your body to better utilise the vitamins and minerals from the foods you eat.
  • Weight management: many clients experience a kickstart to their weight loss journey as colonic hydrotherapy helps to eliminate excess waste and can reduce bloating.

  • Increased energy: by removing toxins and promoting better digestion, colonic hydrotherapy can leave you feeling lighter, brighter, more energised, and revitalised.

  • Skin health: clearing toxins from the body can help to improve skin conditions such as acne, eczema, and psoriasis, leading to a clearer, more radiant complexion.

  • Overall well-being: experience a sense of lightness, clarity, and well-being as your body rids itself of toxins and operates more efficiently.

Enema add on

Like colonic hydrotherapy, an enema offers a targeted approach to detoxification, focusing on the lower section of the large intestine. Unlike colonic hydrotherapy, which flushes water through the entire colon, an enema retains the liquid within the rectum and sigmoid colon for a concentrated cleansing effect.

Our enema treatments are priced at £20 for a 20 minute session following a colonic hydrotherapy session.

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What should I expect during a Colonic Hydrotherapy session?

Before your colonic hydrotherapy treatment, we recommend eating a light meal and avoiding alcohol for 24 hours. During the treatment, sterilised and filtered body temperature water is gently introduced into the colon via the rectum, softening old deposits and flushing out toxins.

Sessions typically last around 40 minutes, depending on individual needs.

Does having Colonic Hydrotherapy hurt? 

Most clients describe colonic hydrotherapy as soothing, refreshing, and relaxing.  The warm, purified water is gentle and should not cause discomfort.

Do having a colonic smell? 

It is an Odour-Free Procedure. Rest assured, the colonic hydrotherapy procedure utilises a completely closed system, ensuring there are no unpleasant odours during the treatment.

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Please note that colonic hydrotherapy is not intended as a cure or medical treatment. It should not replace consultation with a healthcare professional for any health concerns or conditions.