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IV Vitamin Drips – Nottingham

IVitamin Clinic is the premium IV Vitamin Drips Clinic based in Keyworth, Nottingham

We provide a wide range of IV Vitamin Drips and Vitamin Shots as well as Wellness Therapies.

We are also a leading seller of NAD+ injection products to the UK.

Our new VAION+ Pens make taking NAD+ easy, comfortable and safe to do yourself, at home.

They top up and then maintain your body’s NAD+ levels, giving you more energy, sharpening your mind and repairing your body at the cellular level.

We believe in supporting our clients by empowering them to make decisions about their health and wellbeing by providing expert advice and information.

Feel invigorated and ready to take on the world with expert IV drip therapy that’s tailored to you.

Visit our clinic or book a consultation today.

New Product – NAD+ ON THE GO


Discover the exclusive supplement solution of NAD+ ON THE GO, tailored for individuals seeking enhanced performance and overall well-being.

Harnessing its powerful properties, NAD+ effectively replenishes energy levels, providing a revitalizing boost to your daily life.

Designed to fortify natural defenses, optimize performance, and invigorate youthful vitality, NAD+ AT HOME is your ally in achieving peak health and wellness.

Latest NAD+ Products

    Vaion+ NAD+ Pen - 1 month supply

    Benefits of NAD+

    Use the VAION NAD+ pen to top up and then maintain your body’s NAD+ levels, giving you more energy, sharpening your mind and repairing your body at the cellular level.

    Review of our Nottingham Clinic IV Vitamin Drips

    Thomas JamesThomas James
    12:28 11 Jul 24
    We attended the Ivitamin clinic as me & my wife had been trying to get pregnant. We had a very informative consultation & were both prescribed a range of vitamins. Not only did the vitamins make us feel fantastic, 3 months later we were pregnant. My wife is now 28weeks pregnant and everything is going brilliantly. I can’t recommend the Ivitamin clinic enough if you are trying to get pregnant.
    Harvey JhassHarvey Jhass
    10:13 29 Jun 24
    Came to see Mr Singh, amazing service was very helpful and professional, acknowledged all my concerns, brilliant care
    diti _k5diti _k5
    17:50 28 Jun 24
    Wonderful experience and great service. Will definitely be visiting again.
    malcolm swannmalcolm swann
    17:05 28 Jun 24
    Been coming here myself for last 2 years IV drips are very high qualitySuch a beautiful and relaxing place Dharminder is very knowledgeable and professionalHe certainly knows his stuff I had to bring my friend here today who is suffering bad health for couple of years he had vitamin c drop plus some other treatmentsDefinitely recommended !!
    Elham EatsElham Eats
    13:57 27 Jun 24
    Looked for a good Iv vitamin place and ended up calling a few places. The minute I spoke to Mr Singh I felt so at ease that I travelled from Sheffield for the drip. I was so comfortable and he explained everything in depth and was very patient. Mr Singh is very knowledgeable and we had a really good chat about ways to improve health and well-being. Can’t recommend this place enough
    Narissa BaileyNarissa Bailey
    10:40 27 Jun 24
    If you’re looking for a very knowledgeable clinician with years of experience, look no further.Mr Singh at the IV Clinic provides an amazing service, taking the time to guide you through all of the options available from NAD to glutathione IM injection.The energy at the clinic is high, the environment peaceful & the results are the best I’ve had.Thank you, I will be back ✨
    Matthew OliverMatthew Oliver
    09:34 27 Jun 24
    Amazing place - highly recommend for any treatments you are thinking about
    Rahul SinghRahul Singh
    17:50 26 Jun 24
    I had a health consultation with Mr Singh wherein he was able to identify the cause of my problems and help to fix them. Very knowledgeable and I had amazing service!
    M AM A
    14:15 18 May 24
    I found Mr Singh very knowledgeable however I am very concerned about this Clinic’s client confidentiality policy . There is a small space with a number of chairs where more than one customers can have treatment at the same time . I also noticed that the client’s/ patient’s past medical history was being discussed in front of other clients . This , to me , looked very unprofessional and is a serious concern .
    Ann ThomasAnn Thomas
    16:33 15 Apr 24
    First class. Simran successfully diagnosed and treated my back pain, explaining every stage. The treatment was firm but gentle, and the exercises she prescribed are maintaining my recovery. Simran's sunny personality made each session a pleasure. Treatment rooms are clean, warm and comfortable. I'm happy to recommend this service.
    Mia GrapaMia Grapa
    19:37 03 Apr 24
    What a wonderful experience both my mother and I have had at the IVitamin clinics Mr Singh and his staff have been so friendly and helpful. Recieving both vitamin b12 and the skin brightening course it really has been life changing. We cannot recommend this place enough!
    Tim CoxTim Cox
    13:04 15 Mar 24
    This was my first time visiting the IVitamin Clinic and the service from the phone call to book right to post treatment was incredible. The team instantly made me feel welcome and in good hands. The various options for me were clearly explained over the phone and in person and within an hour I felt much better. The aftercare was also fantastic and I would 100% recommend the clinic.
    Rachel MartinRachel Martin
    21:19 06 Feb 24
    I was suffering with headaches and vertigo which was destroying my quality of life. The doctor prescribed me with medication to help with the vertigo. This was masking the problem but not identifying the root cause. I decided to investigate further. I went opticians all clear, I then read somewhere one of the symptoms of b12 deficiency is vertigo so a little apprehensive I decided to look into B12 injections to see if that would help in any way. I came accross IVVitamin Therapy and decided to go see Mr Singh. He is so good at his job. Very thorough and explained everything to me. I’ve been taking extra vitamins each day and watch what I eat. Since that day I’ve not had any vertigo or headaches. I am in total shock! I feel like a new me. Thank you Mr Singh you have made life a joy.Also I had the pleasure in a visit with the osteopath and also my pinched nerve and pins and needles has gone. Wow what amazing talented people.Thank you so much. Now I’m going to have a B12 injection every 4-6 wks as I never want vertigo back. I also feel great. In myself loads of energy better sleep pattern.Thank you 😘
    Natasha AspinNatasha Aspin
    20:48 17 May 23
    Wow ! I've met Dharminder today after a fantastic, informative conversation on the phone about a month ago. His phenomenal energy and incredible knowledge has made me feel so safe and made me understand my own mind, body and soul on a whole another level. I have suffered with acne on and off in my life and this is where I have most issues with inflammation. I also heard amazing reports regarding the NAD infusion for a huge energy boost for each and every cell in the body ...I've had both Skin Brightening and NAD infusion today !!!! I FEEL INCREDIBLE!!!!!! The beautiful conversations we have had during my time there have been superb all whilst I was relaxing allowing the IV drip to disperse around my body. Dharminder talked and explained from start to finish how I might feel, the sensations etc...and that I had nothing to worry about, I knew I was in safe, caring hands. Service was outstanding, highly highly recommend. I can not wait to feel the phenomenal benefits from this Holistic healthcare. Everything is energy and investing in your own health care is crucial in this toxic world. Health is wealth! I'm bringing mum next time too, this is the medicine of the future. Thankyou for all your time and energy today I feel empowered.
    Natalia PrzybylaNatalia Przybyla
    18:53 25 Aug 22
    I would highly recommend the IV Vitamin Clinic. I was diagnosed with polyneuropathy and prescribed the antidepressants. I wanted to find the other, natural way. Mr Singh has been very helpful and supportive since the 1st visit. I have had Myers Coctail, some Vitamin C, Glutathione, Alpha lipoic Acid and the last one was a miracle for me. I am feeling much better and can live a normal life again.I am really thankful that I found this clinic!
    Seetal ParmarSeetal Parmar
    14:40 24 Aug 21
    I have been coming to the vitamin IV clinic for 4 months now and have had the skin brightening glutathione IV drip where I have noticed outstanding results in regards to a brighter ,clearer, younger and lighter skin tone complexion but also has also lightened my dark circles under my eyes. I also have alot more energy and feel detoxified and less stressed and more relaxed and energised. I would defintely recommend the clinic and Mr Singh who is always professional and really gets to know the clients needs before recommending the best treatment.
    steven langfordsteven langford
    16:29 03 Feb 21
    I felt comfortable and safe through out the whole process (even in the current climate). Mr Singh explained everything thoroughly and made me feel relaxed as I was a little nervous. Within minutes off the procedure I could feel the difference, my mind was clearer and then after the infusion my mood and my thinking were much improved. I would highly recommend this to anyone who needs a boost.
    Sangeeta SinghSangeeta Singh
    11:57 03 Feb 21
    After weeks of feeling low energy and tired everyday, I decided to have an IV. Mr Singh who was more than happy to go through what I needed to get back on track. I had B12 and Vitamin C and am really pleased with the effects. I was able to wake up without an alarm which hasn't been possible for the past weeks. I felt great, ready to get on with my day.I was worried if it would be safe with Covid -9, however it was very professional and safe. All rules were followed on arrival and throughout the procedure. I felt relaxed.I would highly recommend.

    About IVitamin Clinic

    IVitamin Clinic Nottingham

    The IVitamin Clinic headquarters are based in Keyworth, Nottinghamshire.

    IVitamin Clinic is a leading IV Vitamin Drips Clinic in Nottingham and a seller of premium NAD+ products.

    The founder and medical director of IVitamin Clinic, Mr Dharminder Singh, is a certified Pharmacist and Independent Prescriber, registered with the General Pharmaceutical Council.

    Mr Singh is passionate about health and nutrition as well as holistic healing.

    Customer Review

    Watch Carl “The Cobra” Froch  review of our Mega Vitaliser and Glutathione IV Drip.

    Products Are

    Vegan Friendly

    Vegan Friendly

    GMO Free

    GMO Free

    Sugar Free

    Sugar Free

    Gluten Free

    Gluten Free

    Heavy Metal Free

    Heavy Metal Free

    Hexane Free

    Hexane Free

    What happens on the day of your appointment?


    On the day of your appointment you will be seen by our prescribing pharmacist and IV therapy clinician. We will have a medical consultation with you to learn your personal needs and confirm the most suitable IV treatment options for you.


    Our clinic is an oasis of calm on the out-skirts of Nottingham. Once your treatment has been selected, you can sit back, relax and enjoy as we transform your health with an IV vitamin infusion experience, your infusion could take 1.5-2 hours depending on your therapy.


    Continue the rest of your day and enjoy feeling instantly rejuvenated as the vitamins and minerals are infused directly into your bloodstream giving your body and mind the valuable nutrients you need.

    Book Your Treatment

    Book your IV Vitamin Drip treatment

    Speak to our team at IVitamin Clinic to book your next IV Vitamin treatment or to get advice on out products and services.

    We are also a leading seller of NAD+ injection products to the UK if you want to subscribe to this service.