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Osmio Clarity Gravity Water Filter

Osmio Clarity Gravity Water Filter System The Osmio Clarity uses the best-performing gravity water filter elements on the market we know of, the Coldstream FTO+ filters made in the UK.

About Osmio Clarity Gravity Water Filter

The Sanser makes it so easy to keep the Clarity clean, spray and rinse and you are done. The Sanser is a great device for cleaning and sanitizing anything in the home or workplace without single-use plastic or toxic fragrances.

Osmio Clarity Gravity Water Filter System The Osmio Clarity uses the best-performing gravity water filter elements on the market we know of, the Coldstream FTO+ filters made in the UK. The Housing is made using borosilicate glass and with a mango wood stand and lid, making it a beautiful and functional shrine to your blessed water for your home. Recommend for households up to 4 people. Filters are recommended to change every 6 months, but it depends on water quality. Please note, that the filters do not reduce calcium and magnesium which causes scale in kettles. Please see the test reports below to find out what it reduces.

Osmio Clarity Gravity Water Filter

Comes complete with two Coldstream FTO Plus Filters, usually changed every 6 months, a 304 Stainless Steel Dispensing Tap, and a Mango Wood Stand and Lid.

– Suitable for 1-4 users per system

– High-performance filters – not designed for limescale reduction (up to 30% approximately is achieved) but have industry-leading performance for chemicals, heavy metals, plastic, hormones, fluoride pharmaceuticals, and a lot more.

The Osmio Clarity Glass and Beech Wood Housing is a thing of simple beauty and was inspired by the fact that water should be in glass when possible. The Osmio Clarity provides the least plastic contact of any water treatment product, as understand the concerns of those who want as little contact with plastic as possible. The Osmio Clarity minimizes this to only the silicone rubber gaskets for the stainless steel dispensing tap itself.

Where beautiful material and design meet high performance is where the Coldstream FTO+ Filters play an important role. High-level filtration is achieved through their unsurpassed technical understanding of filtration techniques and material performance, their comprehensive system and filter testing and manufacturing quality assurance and using unique high-performance ceramics made using their own hi-tech manufacturing processes.  All Coldstream filters are made at a renewable energy-powered and efficient manufacturing facility in King’s Lynn in the UK. The team of technical experts are some of the most experienced in their field, creating and delivering solutions in countries all around the world.

Features & Benefits

  • Glass Housing best material for water
  • Unique high-performance ceramic filters
  • Filter candles can be cleaned and re-used
  • Gravity-fed, easy to fill with a jug and change filters
  • Comes complete with beech wood stand and 304 stainless steel tap

Powerful Filters

The Coldstream filters are extremely powerful at filtering. They are even able to reduce fluoride (up to 97% – see test results). Doulton Super Sterasyl, Doulton ATC Super Sterasyl, and Black Berkey Filters do not reduce fluoride on their own, so you have to add extra filters (the PF4’s for the Doultons and the PF-2’s for the Black Berkey Filters). This is a problem because they screw onto the end of the main filters and take up space in the filtered water chamber. They are also made of plastic so the plastic is then sitting in your filtered water, not nearly as good as Coldstream who have solved it through their more advanced filtering technology.

Fluoride Removal –the other very important aspect of the Coldstream filters is that they reduce fluoride without using Activated Aluminawhich exchanges fluorides with aluminum hydroxide. Coldstream uses micro-ceramics to achieve this without migrating materials into the water through exchange making them far superior to older fluoride reduction technology.

Please note– Glass is FRAGILE so the product must be handled with care. The holes cut for the glass are not perfect and have slight shards that are covered by the rubber gaskets (on both sides of the filters and for the tap). It is, however, important to be vigilant about small shards that can occur whilst changing the filters so after cleaning it, you should clean it again or rinse it after installing new filters.

Do not overtighten the filters when installing as this may crack the glass. Use a jug to top the system up and be very careful handling it and especially with children around.

Please note that due to glass being hand made there can be up to 11% variation in overall product height and 5% variation in diameter of the glass housing.

A – 204 mm (8″)

B – 660 mm (26″)

C – 540 mm (21.5″)

D – 240 mm (9.5″)

E – 135 mm (5.3″)