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Health & Wellness

The IVitaminClinic headquarters are based in Keyworth, Nottinghamshire.

The founder and medical director of IVitaminClinic, Mr Dharminder Singh, is a certified Pharmacist and Independent Prescriber, registered with the General Pharmaceutical Council.

Mr Singh is passionate about health and nutrition as well as holistic healing.

High quality equipment

We provide a wide range of innovative, high quality services. We believe in supporting our clients by empowering them to make decisions about their health and wellbeing by providing expert advice and information.

We provide a range of private and NHS services. Our Clinic is well equipped to provide health care services with specially designed consultation rooms and highly trained staff. This means you can enjoy quality health services in a comfortable and private environment. Our private services are competitively priced and most are available at short notice.

We also stock a wide range of over the counter medicines and also prescription only medicines.

Products Are

Vegan Friendly

GMO Free

Sugar Free

Gluten Free

Heavy Metal Free

Hexane Free

Relax &

If you need advice about a treatment option, come and speak with our qualified team of healthcare professionals.


IVitamin Clinic classifies its products as IV nutrients that are used for supplementation purposes only and not to treat any medical conditions. Our formulas are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any form of disease or medical condition. The information provided on the website serves as basic information for patients and does not substitute a detailed and personal consultation with a medical practitioner.