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Vitamin D

Vitamin D – The Sunshine Vitamin

At the IVitaminClinic we are passionate about health, nutrition and general wellbeing. As well as being big fans of the benefits of intravenous nutrition therapy we’d like to tell you about a selection of oral supplements that could give you a major boost.

It is very important that the supplements we provide are of high quality and essentially do what they need to do! Therefore, we ensure the brands we supply are accompanied with evidence based trials. We even try them out first to ensure that they work!

Throughout the Coronavirus Pandemic, it is crucial that your immune system is functioning properly ensuring that the body is equipped with the essential tools to carry out protective functions like fight against viruses! So this month we are focusing on a supplement that is crucial for supporting the immune system.

Vitamin D – The Sunshine

Vitamin Vitamin D is one of the many crucial fat-soluble vitamins the body requires to function properly. The body does indeed make this essential vitamin from the skin’s unprotected exposure to sunlight. However, as we all know within the UK sunshine is hard to find! Therefore, supplementing this vitamin is very important to ensure we maintain a healthy level of vitamin D for general functioning.

Vitamin D deficiency remains a worldwide issue with close to 1 billion individuals across the world experiencing inadequate levels. Within the UK today the British Nutrition Foundation states 1 in 5 adults experience vitamin D deficiency and is often unaware… that is a whopping 10 million of us! Children are also said to be deficient with an estimated 1 in 6 affected.

What are the benefits of vitamin D?

Vitamin D contributes to the normal functioning of the immune system as well as the maintenance of teeth and gums. Vitamin D is also crucial in providing optimum bones and joint health while supporting normal muscle functioning. Vitamin D is essential to overall health and wellbeing.

What are the signs?

Many individuals are often unaware that they are deficient in vitamin D however signs of deficiency can manifest with common minor health issues such as the common cold, fatigue, low mood, achy bones and even poor gum health! These issues highlight the reason we all probably need it.

Who is it recommended for?

At present, the Department of Health outlines the following groups as ‘at risk’ and should definitely consider supplementation

  • All pregnant and breastfeeding women
  • Older people aged 65 and over
  • People who have low or no exposure to the sun
  • People who have darker skin
  • Infants and young children under 5 years

However, due to our changing diets, various lifestyles, UK sun exposure and the current health crisis everyone should look to ensure they are maintaining healthy vitamin D levels throughout the year, especially the winter months. Dosages range from 400iu to 5000iu depending on your circumstances.

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