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My NAD+ cartridge/vial isn’t filled to the top, is this normal?


Your cartridges can contain 3ml when filled to the top, but doing so makes it much more likely for the bung to come out in transit.

As a result, we sent you two cartridges with just over 1.5ml in each. We slightly over-fill each cartridge so you get every dose you need throughout the month, despite losing a few drops along the way (clearing any bubbles, discarded with the needle, human error etc).

Shipping details

Special packaging with cooling is used to ensure NAD+ is delivered in optimal condition, typically within 48 hours.

Storage instructions

Keep the pen and active NAD+ cartridge between 2 and 8 degrees Celsius.

Unused cartridges should be stored in a freezer.

How to use the NAD+ VAION PEN

  1. Insert or replace the NAD+ cartridge.
  2. Attach a needle tip.
  3. Clean the injection site.
  4. Set the correct dose.
  5. Administer the injection by pressing the pen against the skin and pressing the button.
  6. Properly dispose of the needle tip.